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Seeking to preserve the balance of nature in our region.


The Lithgow Environment Group seeks to preserve the balance of nature in its region. This is especially important given the impacts of the area's industrial heritage. The Lithgow region contains some of the most biodiverse bushland in the Greater Blue Mountains. Our aim is to promote and protect this rich natural heritage.

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Lithgow Community Power Project

We recognise the power of an organised community to shape its future and prosperity, for instance through joint action to reduce transport and energy bills, or through collective purchasing of new technology, or community support for diversification of the local economy.

The Project’s goal is to enhance the living standards and financial well-being of households in the Lithgow region by changing how we use transport and energy technologies to preserve the resources of the local area.

We will support and implement programs that foster economic growth and diversification, through community power and collaboration with government, industry and science.

Wildflower Brochure

Download the Lithgow Environment Group wildflower brochure:

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